⭐Our store will be closed on June 14th for a family graduation party.⭐ ⭐We moved! Our new retail store address is: 1131 W State Road 124, Bluffton, IN⭐

Our Story

With a heart for people and a focus on providing a variety of locally raised choices. We are a family-owned business dedicated to providing you with a high-quality product. Along with our own family raised grass-fed beef we help other farmers get their high-quality products online and into the homes of our customers.

When we say local, we mean from right off our farm to within Indiana. Most within 25 miles of our home base in Bluffton Indiana.

All our grass-fed beef is raised here in Wells County Indiana. When we say our beef is 'grass-fed' we mean that animal was never fed grain or grain by-products at any time in their life. Our cattle are raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones and/or steroid implants. The grass used to feed our cattle has not been treated with any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The cattle have been humanely raised and handled in an environmentally sustainable way. Soil, grasses and breed all come together to bring you quality grass-fed beef. The cattle graze on pastures during Indiana's grass growing season and are given the same high-quality hay during the winter months. We started out with the mission to produce the highest quality grass-fed beef for our family and now we are honored to share our passion with you.

Hoosier Creek Farms has partnered with Hoosier Homestead Kunekunes from Adams County Indiana to bring you pastured-raised pork! At Hoosier Homestead Kunekunes they ethically and sustainably raise registered Kunekune pigs in an open, outdoor environment where they have unlimited access to fresh air, pasture, and sunshine. Their pigs eat high-quality, locally-sourced feed, free from animal by-products and growth promotants, and they are never given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They believe that these ideal conditions allow them to provide families with healthy pork from happy hogs.

We source all our chicken from Miller Poultry. It is all Natural, Raised on All-Vegetable Feeds and No Antibiotics, No Animal By-Products or Fats, No Artificial Colors or Hormones, Cage-Free, Low Stress Growing Practices. The chickens are hatched, grown, and processed in the Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan area.

Hoosier Creek Farms provides our customers with high-quality products!

Thank you for your business!